Team USA

Team USA
Sloan's Lake

23 April 2013


Returning home proved to be full of more challenges than expected, which is how my life generally goes so one would think I’d be prepared for the unexpected.

I had surgery on my hip scheduled for May, but that didn’t happen. I ended up with a rare eye infection that made the ophthalmologist refer me to a neurologist who was afraid I had an auto-immune disorder and therefore if he was right it was possible I could lose my sight having my surgery. So, surgery was delayed! I had lots of test ran and saw a lot of doctors. They never figured out what the cause of the eye infection was but it was determined I was safe to get my hip repaired. Because the hip surgery was going to be major I had to schedule it with 2 surgeons and it was delayed until July. This was a big bummer but it gave me a chance to hike a little, be on the water a little and just have some summer! 
Mt Sherman


 Surgery on my hip went really well. They were able to repair the cartilage, anchor it down, shave lots of bone that was impeding movement and were hopeful for a good outcome. Unfortunately recovery didn’t go so well. I got an infection from being in hospital and was in and out of the hospital for weeks. Even after multiple rounds of antibiotics and finally being infection free I was left with permanent damage to my gut. All of this meant I was not getting proper nutrition and my overall health and healing was compromised. Lots of doctors visits, tests, medications and frustration. Thankfully I have lots of family support, great friends and a cute dog to help me through. 
Cleaning up the mess in my hip
Trying to beat the infection

Burton taking care of me