Team USA

Team USA
Sloan's Lake

27 May 2014

Helsinki, Finland

I had a long winter of skiing, snowshoeing, gym time, and school.

It seems like forever since I have been on the water! Today was my first day back! Ironically I am in Helsinki Finland (Suomi). This trip was a graduation present from my parents. I am so fortunate that I have parents that are so loving and kind to help me and my dog to skip the country for a month!! 

The ideas started to flow in January when my dear friend Katja was staying with us in Winter Park while training and racing. She thought I should come visit her this summer… and amazingly here I am… with Burton!

I came here with the expectation to have fun, spend some time with her and maybe put my paddle in the water a few times. Now it seems I have training on and off the water arranged for many of the days that I’ll be here. Marjanimen Melojat is a club here in Helsinki that I went out with yesterday. They do not have too many sprint paddlers left in their club but they are gracious enough to help me get on the water and offer some advice to improve. Also while I am here it sounds like I will be traveling to Lohja for a short camp. In addition I will be working with Katja’s conditioning coach in her studio doing Pilates.

Below are a few photos from my first day ever paddling in the Baltic Sea!