Team USA

Team USA
Sloan's Lake

06 July 2014

Lake Placid International Regatta

I was so excited after my trip to Finland to show off my new found skills but unfortunately things just didn't go as planned.

The days leading up to the race I had some nice days on the water and enjoyed getting to know other paddlers. I was there with an excellent group of people and it was great to be on the water twice a day. We also had a few very strong rain showers that tested our strength but ultimately Mother Nature with the power of lightening won and we fled the water.  I took the time on and off the water and to try to use other people’s experience and worked on different seat and paddle adjustments.  I felt like I made positive changes but nothing fit  perfect.

Come race day the sun was shining and we had gorgeous water with a strong side wind. I was eager to race and hopeful for good results. I had one race to paddle as fast as I could to qualify for the World Championship Team and go to Moscow one month later. In that race, I had troubles in the start and just couldn't make it up. I finished strong but just not very fast compared to the winner. 

I had two other races to improve my time but that didn't work out either. My second race I tried another boat that was lighter but had a malfunction with my rudder and zig-zagged down the course. My third race was the best of the day, but I only improved my time by a few tenths. Click here for results

Overall, I enjoyed my time on Mirror Lake and in the town of Lake Placid but I didn't qualify for World Champs. The silver lining was that at least I paddled decent and met the emerging time standards.