Team USA

Team USA
Sloan's Lake

21 January 2007

Aspen SL

The SL in Aspen didn't go much better for me. The first day I had a good first run and a great second run until the last gate. There was a very tricky combination at the end of the course and I didn't make it. I tried to stop to stay in the course and that just didn't work. I was extremely bummed but I was optimistic for the following day. Unfortunately, the second day didn't go much better. First run I had to stop to stay in the course and that is not fast. I was ready to have a great second run and score some World Cup points, but again the last gate became a problem. I was almost finished with a long hard run, but again there was a difficult combination at the end of the long course and I couldn't convince my feet to be fast enough to make it around the end of a 3 gate flush. I was crushed. It's one thing to have a tough day; it's extremely difficult to miss the last gate 2 days in a row.

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