Team USA

Team USA
Sloan's Lake

02 June 2014

Paddling in Finland

Had such a good day at the Marjanienmen today. The weather was not in our favor so the gentleman that I was supposed to work with thought I’d be better off working on the Kayak Ergo. This was a good way of working on my technique without the balance issues and concerns of taking a swim in the almost dangerously cold Baltic Sea. This session went really well and he was pleased with the progress I made. Although I must admit I wanted to push harder and go faster, but apparently that technique equals speed and speed does not equal technique so we worked on my stroke.

My day got a lot better as it turns out that the club does indeed have “my boat” the Viper 55. I was able to try a back rest that Katja’s dad had fashioned for me to try to help my muscle control and balance. I simply paddled around the dock but already felt LOTS better than the previous days. We then worked on some different strokes in the water for positioning. I had a huge smile on my face leaving the boathouse today!!!

With my back rest in the Viper 55

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