Team USA

Team USA
Sloan's Lake

12 March 2015

Good Luck Charm

Things at Kenmore-Cascade Canoe and Kayak club have been productive and busy the past couple of weeks. My friend Spike Kane returned from his travels and has since joined me for the daily training sessions. Last week I went 4 straight training sessions of working hard without dumping the boat over. I was so excited about not swimming! I told Spike I was so happy to have him paddling with me and he was my good luck charm. 

The next training session (without Spike) was meant to be timed runs on the course at Green Lake… and unfortunately Green Lake got me again. I took a long cold swim before I reached the finish of my final attempt at a fast 200m. I was paddling hard and just lost my balance. I’m grateful there were lots of people there to offer help and support. 

This week I have also been training quite hard and making progress with my technique, but progression for me seems to bring instability and time in the water. Thankfully it has become less frequent.

The weather is not supposed to be very kind come Saturday but I’m hoping to finally get a good time… at least for 1 of my 3 attempts.  This  Saturday my good luck charm friend will be with me, so maybe luck will be on my side J

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