Team USA

Team USA
Sloan's Lake

28 February 2015

Don’t quit

Another week of working hard completed. This week with Kenmore-Cascade Canoe and Kayak club we went to the VA hospital and in conjunction with Team River Runner got some guys in sprint boats. That was a new experience for me and I had a good time.

Unfortunately I ended up catching a really bad cold. The benefit was that I got to enjoy a pleasant workout with the master’s ladies on Monday but ended up taking Wednesday off of training to let my body rest. When I returned to the water we mostly worked on technique. Later in the week I was happy that another Paracanoe paddler, Josh, came out for training with me and kept me working hard and pushing forward. The water conditions weren't the easiest but we got a beneficial workout in and it felt good.

Today did not feel so wonderful. Coach Dan has decided that Saturdays until Trials are sprint days and we are doing time trials in the early morning on the Green Lake race course to prepare ourselves better. When we arrived at Green Lake it was sunny and windy. The water had significant waves and occasional white caps. I watched as my able-bodied teammate navigated his way off the dock and I just gulped. My nerves were high. The water was rough and swimming seemed pretty much inevitable for me. I was uncertain if it was worth it. Dan gave me the option as I sat at the dock in my boat.  He wanted me to at least sit there and feel the boat move underneath me for a bit.

After a while the wind seemed to die down and I decided to give it a shot. Another Paracanoe athlete Vadim was there and I didn't want to let him or Dan down by not making an attempt. I pushed off, put the paddle in the water and headed down the side of the race course. I got turned around and lined up with Vadim and away we went, except I was going right, and further right, and more right… not straight and not fast. It was not a good effort at getting an accurate time.  

I circled around and headed out again, I wanted to have at least a semi straight line down the course. I worked on sitting up and relaxing thinking about the timing of my stroke as I paddled out. I paused to make the turn to go back to line up. Just as I was ALMOST fully turned around and back into the course, I tipped over. UGH! I righted my boated and waited for my motor boat rescue. My day was over. I was cold and wet but glad I didn't quit.  

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