Team USA

Team USA
Sloan's Lake

08 June 2015

Back in the USA

After Germany, it was very difficult to know which way to turn. I didn’t know if things were going to work out for me and Paracanoe but I felt all I could do was keep trying, keep training and hope that it would all come together in my favor. My fellow paddlers there were so happy to have me back and everyone helped me hold my head high and not give up. I continued to train and paddle with the Kenmore Cascade Canoe and Kayak Club. 

Not long after my return to Seattle there was a race at Green Lake. I had spent several extra days off the water at home in Colorado and I did not feel prepared for the Ted Houk Regatta. I decided to enter because you can’t win if you don’t try and “no time like the present” right?

When things warm up in Seattle, it generally means it gets windy. The weekend of the Ted Houk Regatta, was no exception. There was warm, sunny weather with high winds, and therefore rough water.  

During my 500m race I was paddling really well, digging deep and was going to finish very strong. Unfortunately, I got caught off balance with a cross wave, wasn’t able to recover and went for a swim ~20m from the finish. DNF. Bummer.

The following day was my 200m races.  The morning had gorgeous, flat water but by my afternoon race time it was rough once again.  My practice with Time Trials at Green Lake paid off. I did not have any personal best race times but I had two really good 200m races and had my personal best times at Green Lake. Good enough for me.  

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