Team USA

Team USA
Sloan's Lake

09 January 2008

My first Super Combined (SC)

If I never have to talk about my skiing today, ever again, that would be alright. I think today was one of the worst races I’ve ever completed. I don’t know what is going on with me at the moment but I’m skiing in some weird mind warp place. I get in the start and I’m okay then the second I’m out of the gate I feel like I go into a different world. A world in which I don’t seem to know how to ski race anymore, it’s very bizarre.

The Super G this morning was very daunting even during inspection. The snow was “bullet proof” and people were sliding all over the place. The set was good and I thought I might be able to make something happen despite the more than firm snow. I was WRONG. I basically slid my way down the course, I did not ski it and I surely wouldn’t have called that a race run. I felt embarrassed to have skied like that.

Afterward I went back around and took a couple free runs before the SL and got some of my confidence back. It worked and I think I figured out what I need to do to ski better on this kind of snow. My SL run was A LOT better. Still not fabulous but it was what I needed; a good, solid run to feel like I could ski again. It’s amazing what a bad run can do to the psyche. At the end of the day, I ended up 10th. I feel much better going into tomorrow, another SC. The consolation is that a couple of my teammates had really good runs and got on the podium.

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